2015 Company News

February 2015

Action Logistics begins business in North Carolina

Action Logistics has expanded to the State of North Carolina to provide Logistics Services for an existing customer. “This expansion to North Carolina shows the confidence that our customer has in our ability to manage tough situations in a difficult labor market. We are very excited in this opportunity and look forward to a great partnership moving forward”, said Scott Gray, Action Logistics VP and Managing Director. “I also would like to mention our operations team and commend the job they did. Within a few months the operation was up and running”

2014 Company News

August 2014

Actions Logistics partnership with a current customer expands into New Jersey and Texas

Action Logistics dedication to servicing our customers provided the confidence this customer desired in reaching out to us to perform a conversion and a startup simultaneously.

January 2014

Actions Logistics expands relationship into New York

Action Logistics broadens its relation with an existing customer assuming the freight handling for a facility in upper New York state. We were pleased to be vendor of choice to provide the assistance they were looking for, and will look to exand our market visibility in the area.

2013 Company News

November 2013

Actions Logistics begins providing service to a brand new customer in Texas

Action Logistics was awarded an opportunity to provide service to a new 3PL logistics company in Texas. Initially the opportunity was only for a portion of the operation. As a company we participated in active collaboration with the customer and improved efficiencies in such a manner that we were awarded all of the business across all three shifts. “We could not be happier with the opportunity to work with a customer that affords us a natural path to further discuss, refine and grow our services. We are equally fortunate to have such talented people working for us that continually demonstrate our ability to provide excellent service to our clients.” Don Hancock (Project Manager for the conversion)

September 2013

Actions Logistics gains new customer in Florida

Action Logistics has teamed up with a new customer in Florida providing onsite loading and unloading services. While this customer knew our capability, the transition was new for them, and after starting slowly to prove ourselves, Action now provides Monday - Friday support for the facility. "This is an exciting opportunity with a brand new customer in the automotive industry, we are very grateful for the opportunity." Scott Gray (VP and Managing Director)

July 2013

Actions Logistics expands in Texas

Action Logistics teamed with an existing customer to help facilitate a smooth start-up with a new client. With the assistance of Action team members our customer has been able to provide the needed support to their client. This outstanding effort was also acknowledged by our customer's client. "This new business increases our footprint with an existing 3PL customer in the DFW area." Todd Shenk (VP Operations)

Actions Logistics awarded new business in Georgia

Action Logistics won a bid to do business with an existing customer at a new site. While the initial scope of this business was limited, Action's ability to exceed the expectations of the on site management has led directly to a greater role at site. "This opportunity allows Action Logistics to continue increasing its market share in the HBC and Grocery sector, with one of the world's largest food companies." Joe Socha (Director of Operations)

Actions Logistics extends its growth in Pennsylvania

Action Logistics was asked to provide its services at a new overflow facility for an existing customer. Action's management team in the area did an outstanding job executing the start-up of the new facility.

2012 Company News

Actions Logistics expands in Ohio

July 2012. Action Logistics has been approached by an existing customer to provide supply chain support for a tire distiribution facility in Ohio. Action team members have been preparing for the operation for two months. This outstanding effort will allow Action Logsitics to continue to grow with its existing customers.

Actions expands in North Texas

June 2012. Action Logistics expands to support an existing customer in the DFW area. Action will provide short notice labor for a secondary location of one of its existing customers.

Business Expands in Georgia

May 2012. Action Logistics has reached an agreement to assist an existing client with their supply chain needs in Palmetto, GA. Action will provide strategic labor that will handle materials used for home improvement. The expansion is one of many additional locations that Action has added in the southeast over the past 2 years. "The sites we continue to add in the Greater Atlanta area will provide greater flexibility and allow us to continue to grow our base and management team in this area of the country", said Scott Gray, Vice President and Managing Director, when asked.

Action Assists with Product Storage in Georgia

March 2012. Action Logistics provided supply chain support for an overflow distribution center in Albany, GA. Teams from the Greater Atlanta and Jacksonville, FL areas assisted with the project. Great job to all of the Action team members who participated to support our customer.

2011 Company News

SAP Conversions 2011 – 2012

Action Logistics has participated in multiple SAP conversions throughout the nation over the last 18 months. Time spent performing these implementations has benefited both the customer and Action Logistics associates.

"A tremendous amount of planning, training, time, and effort went into the pre implementation phase of these projects. This allowed Action Logistics to assure that our customer was able to continue meeting the demands of their customer during implementation." – Joe Socha, Director of Operations, Action Logistics

Congratulations to all the teams that successfully implemented the conversions.

2011 - Great Plains Accounting System

Action Logistics, announces the successful implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system. Scott Gray, Vice President and Managing Director chimes in on the value of this ERP,

"Implementation of the new system will allow the company to manage its growth, while helping to improve efficiency, reduce costs, facilitate compliance and mitigate risk".

Aztec Systems in Dallas, TX is expected to help Action automate and integrate key business processes. Specifically, Action expects Aztec will help automate certain parts of its payroll and sales systems with distribution centers it services

July 2011 – ISO 9001:2008 External Audit

As a part of its registration, Action Logistics business practices were audited. The audit was performed by AJA Registrars based out of Bristol, England. AJA is recognized globally as a leader in International Standards Organization (ISO) auditing. Once again Action’s business model was issued a clean bill of health.

"Action's business model approach to their management system was validated as being effective by AJA and ensures Action is focused on business performance while using ISO 9001 as the platform." – Robert Freeman, ISO Business Management Consultant

Contracts Awarded

Over the last 18 months Action Logistics began new partnerships with distribution centers in:

Fairburn, GA

McDonough, GA

Memphis, TN

2010 Company News

12/2010 - Action continues growth by landing contract in Irving, TX.

Action Logistics has announced that it has partnered with a leading 3PL provider in Irving, TX. Action Logistics will provide order fulfillment as well as loading and unloading in the distribution center. The labor model is one of many in which Action Logistics is the total labor solution for the operation.

08/2010- Action joins with a global chemical company.

Action has announced that it has partnered with a 3PL company in Fort Worth, TX and will provide loading and unloading in an effort to increase profitability for its customer. "Our customer has implemented a new process for shipments that will decrease expenses and improve efficiency." "I am very proud of our start up team for the job they have done, we play a large part in the success of our customer in this venture", said Scott Gray, Vice President and Managing Director of Action Logistics.

2009 Company News

04/01/09- Action expands into the Northwestern U.S.

Action is proud to announce that we expanding our partnership with Bridgestone Firestone into the Northeast. We will be assisting BFS at their Portland, Oregon Distribution center. Already doing business with them throughout the United States, we are pleased to know that quality of our service has allowed our relationship to grow once again.

03/29/09- Action will be expanding into Canada.

Action is proud to announce that we are expanding our operations internationally. We will be partnering with Exel Logistics at the Goodyear Center in Bromont, Quebec, Canada. We are excited about the new opportunities this will provide and look forward to providing our services in the region.

03/02/09- Action has partnered with Ozburn Hessey Logistics.

Action has partnered locally with OHL. Action will be assisting with the loading and unloading operation. We are pleased to be doing business with OHL and look forward to a growing relationship.

2008 Company News

11/17/2008 - Action Expands into Alabama

Action has partnered with Exel Logistics in Gadsden, Alabama. Action will operate and manage outbound operations at a large tire manufacturer plant starting in January. Moving forward, Action expects expansion of its North American and Canadian operations in 2009. 

8/1/2008 - Action Expands into Oklahoma

Action has partnered with Exel Logistics in Lawton, Oklahoma. Action will operate and manage outbound operations at a large tire manufacturer plant starting in October. This is the first operation of this type that Action Logistics has acquired. "We look forward to the challenge of operating in this building and the challenge of increasing the quality and load capacities to provide our customers with cost savings", said Scott Gray, VP and Managing Director on 8/8/08.

2/8/2008 - Action Logistics Expands into Jacksonville, Florida

Action Logistics has partnered with Bridgestone, Firestone in Jacksonville, Florida. The distribution center is scheduled to handle a large of amount of import freight from all over the world. The distribution center is schedule to begin operations sometime in the first quarter of 2008. Action Logistics will begin the recruitment process in the area in the coming weeks. "This is a very big day for Action Logistics. We have been working on this bid for months now and it finally paid off" said Scott Gray, Vice President and Managing Director on 2/8/08. I would like to thank all of the parties involved in this process for all of their effort in this process. I would also like to thank every member of the Action Logistics team in making us the finest loading service in the country.

2007 Company News

1/30/2007 - Walgreens Distribution Center

Action Logistics has partnered with Exel, Inc. in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.  Action logistics will perform the inbound operations at the site.  This is the second site in the last two months that Action has gained in the consumer sector of Exel.

2/02/2007 - Kuehne Nagel Partnership

Action Logistic has partnered with Kuehne Nagel in McDonough, GA. The announcement came on Tuesday 02/02/2007. The transition will occur on 05/03/2007. Currently management has begun phase 1 of the project. Richard Ravelo, the project manager for the transition had this to say, "From the beginning, the Pirelli / Kuehne + Nagel family has embraced Action as a working partner dedicated to reaching a common goal."He went on to say that there are opportunities to improve efficiency. "There is no doubt that through this partnership, we will continually improve in servicing the end customer".

6/26/07 - Expansion into New Jersey

Action Logistics has partnered with Kuehne Nagel and has agreed to take over Inbound Operations at a distribution center in Cranbury, New Jersey.  The project is in the beginning phases at this time. For employment opportunities please email

October 2007 - Two NEW SITES!

Action Logistics has partnered with two major tire distributors in the month of October. One operation is scheduled to open in Albany, GA on 11/5/07 and one is schedule to open in Shelby, OH during the first quarter of 2008.

2006 Company News

3/19/2006 - ACME Distribution Centers

Action Logistics has partnered with ACME distribution center in Naperville, IL. Action also performs loading and unloading services for ACME in the Grand Prairie area in Texas.

5/23/2006 - Action joins Exel Goodyear Partnership in Georgia

Action Logistics has partnered with Exel Logistics in McDonough and Stockbridge, Georgia. These two operations are scheduled to be transitioned on July the 10th. Action Logistics will manage all outbound and inbound operations at the two facilities. Vice President Scott Gray said "This gives us a large base in the McDonough / Stockbridge area. We are happy to be here and look forward to a long lasting relationship."

12/4/2006 - Action Logistics gains partnership with Exel in Fairburn, Georgia

Action Logistics has announced a new partnership with Exel Logistics in Fairburn, Georgia. Action Logistics will perform and manage the inbound logistics at the Exel TOTO facility. The new partnership is the third contract acquisition in 2006 for Action Logistics.

12/4/2006 - Action Logistics gains partnership with Bridgestone Firestone in Allentown, PA

Action Logistics has announced a new partnership that will begin in January of 2007 with Bridgestone Firestone.  Action will manage the inbound and outbound operations at the 600,000 sq. ft. facility just outside of Allentown, PA. When asked about the new partnership a member of upper management said, "This partnership strengthens our position with regards to the tire warehousing business and we are very happy to supply BFS for our second time". Currently Action Logistics is in the project management phase of the project.

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